United Scenic Artists Local 829

Designers and artists for the entertainmant Industry. This union part of the brotherhood of the International Alliance

Theatrical Stage Employees.


Feldman Designs

Feldman Designs LLC and Scott Clyve Lighting Designs work closely on many projects. Our combined focus brings

many renovations and television projects to life.


Electronic Theater Controls

ETC is one of the lighting worlds top unit, dimming and control leaders.


4 Wall Entertainment

4 Wall Entertainment provides rentals of lighting fixtures and control as well as truss and rigging.


High End Systems

High End supplies moving and color mixing fixtures to the Arts.


New York City Dance Alliance

A regional dance competition that end in NYC with a finale at the Waldorf Atroria.


The Greater Boston Drama Studio

A drama studio devoted to teaching acting to ages 4-18. Owned and run by Julie Beckham Clyve.




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